Friday, February 18, 2011

Thanks to Angie for leaving her thoughts on my posts. It is appreciated.
I really am missing the Bookies. I have to get caught up with what you are reading so I can at least put in my thoughts and hear the others. It was fun when Angie and I could have a discussion on the books while we were working. I miss that. My goal for March is to read which ever book, the Bookies have nominated, finish it, and put in a few thoughts to Sheila.
I have been trying very hard to stay current with my posts but find myself 2 books behind. Yeah I know, it is sad, but they were late to the library too.
My excuse is that my son Michael came to visit and we all went to celebrate my brother in law Craigs 50th birthday in CA. It was fun but I did get to read my book all the way there and back.
I really nead to invest in one of the Kindles or the like. It would sure make it easy to read in the dark while my husband drives. I find the book lights to not be very user friendly.
That is it for tonight, onward to bed, and up early to work.  Good night to all.


Angie S. said...

Our book club read for April is Sundays at Tiffanys by James Patterson if you get a chance to get to it :)

Alyssa from Buy Kindle said...

Yeah, Kindle is really great. I have it myself and it's such a great device, doesn't feel like reading a screen at all.