Monday, February 7, 2011

Final Appeal by Lisa Scottoline

To Philadelphia lawyer Grace Rossi, who's starting over after a divorce, a part-time job with a federal appeals court sounds perfect. But Grace doesn't count on being assigned to an explosive death penalty appeal. Nor does she expect ardor in the court in the form of an affair with her boss, Chief Judge Armen Gregorian. Then the truly unimaginable happens and Grace finds herself investigating a murder.

As Grace searches for the truth, she unearths a six-figure bank account kept by the judge with an alias; breaks into another judge's chambers; and follows a trail of bribery and judicial corruption that's stumped even the FBI. In no time at all, Grace under fire takes on a whole new meaning.

Performed by Kate Burton
My Thoughts
I listened to this book while I was driving to and from work.
This was a very short book and I found it to be ok. It didn't impress me much. I am not real big on politics because I find most people in politics to be untruthful. I do think that alot of what happened does happen in their world and we just don't hear all the details of it events.
For Amen's wife to pay him to stay with her for a certain time period and to keep his son a secret, what a shame. All the money in the world wouldn't replace the time he could have spent with his son if he wasn't having to hide him.
All in all the book was ok although I was not impressed with the narrator either so that may have a little to do with my opinion. I found her to be boring and not showing much for feelings.

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Angie S said...

What a disappointment. Lisa Scottoline is usually a very good author. But you make a valid point, the narrator of the book can really make or break it in audio form can't it?