Monday, January 24, 2011

Picture Perfect

Cassie Barrett, a world-renowned anthropologist, wakes up in a graveyard and doesn't know who she is. Taken in for a few days by William Flying Horse, a Native American police officer, she waits for her life to re-appear. When Hollywood heartthrob Alex Rivers shows up to claim her as his wife, she is stunned but still doesn't remember anything.

After she returns to her fairytale existence as Alex Rivers' wife, fragments of memory come back but she senses there is a side to her husband that she can't remember. When she finds a positive pregnancy test hidden in her bathroom, dark memories return, allowing her to piece together her past. Frightened, she runs to the only person she trusts to keep her hidden: Will.

Jodi Picoult's story is a tapestry rich in detail and emotion, a beautifully written novel that will deeply reward, and perhaps inspire, its listeners.
My Feelings
Cassie seemed like such a sweet person along with being very smart. At least you would think that she would be very smart as her career would lead you to believe. But when it comes to love, Cassie is too trusting and too willing to care for others. By doing this she leaves herself to be hurt and tells herself that she caused it.
Sure sounds like the normal for any abused person, always thinking they caused it. Most of the time it wouldn't matter even if you did exactly what they wanted you to do, they would still have to bring out their aggresions on someone.
For her husband to be a movie star just makes it more difficult for her to get help. That also would seem close to real, many people would try to protect the star and cover things up for them.
Sometimes it takes a stranger to wake us up and make us see things for what they truly are.
I did enjoy the book and will read more of her books.


Angie Simmonds said...

I have enjoyed Picoult's books in the past and this looks like it is really a good one. Great review and thoughts on domestic abuse!

Angie of By Book or By Crook said...

By the way, have you read House Rules by this same author? It was recommended at our last book club and it sounds really good!