Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

Author: Jamie Ford

I really enjoyed this book. It seemed very real to me.  It is hard to imagine how people were treated back in the 40's. I couldn't imagine treating someone different because of their race.  Think how boring it would be if we didn't have different cultures.  Even living anywhere during the war had to be difficult.
I really like the part about the kids and how much they enjoyed the music. It was interesting what they had to do to get into the club, and then after that it was all destroyed anyway.
There were a lot of parts that brought tears to my eyes.


Angie said...

Wow! That took you no time at all to finish! It must really be a good one! I really want to dig in and read it but I like to leave book club books until the week before the meeting so it's still fresh in my mind.

A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...

I loved this book! Marvelous book. Great for book clubs.