Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lock and Key

Author Sarah Dessen

I really enjoyed the characters in the book.  I felt as if you really got to know each of them and could relate to what they were going through. There are a few parts that make you want to laugh out loud and many parts that make you cry. Mostly you cry from the very happy parts.

It is almost fairy tale like-a young girl with no family that cares, no where to live, mother abandons her and she is starting to do drugs. All of a sudden she is in her sisters home, good school, food, clothing and people who love her.
What a difference a day can make. The story takes you through all the feelings and misgiving that she has as she adapts to her new life.


Angie said...

I like books that make you cry from the happy parts!

Anonymous said...

I have an award for you HERE